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At Mesh, we’re accountable for your results!

At Mesh, we believe in a simple principle; If people are more accountable for the work that they do, then your organization will have more success, regardless of how you define success. But accountability can be an elusive concept  for a highly disengaged workforce. Numerous studies estimate employee disengagement as high as 85% of your workforce not contributing at their highest level. They are not living up to their potential, they’re eroding value from organizations and they are not being accountable to their customers, their stakeholders or their leaders. That disengagement means a loss of value, however you measure it.

We provide training and consulting services that focus on improving the key enablers of accountability, engagement and success.


The good news is, most people want to be more accountable…they yearn for more ownership and autonomy and they want to do the right thing; creating win-win solutions and driving higher levels of customer satisfaction. We leverage that desire by applying our 7 C’s of AccountabilityTM framework to strengthen the enablers of accountability and developing the capacity within your organization to create the tools, systems and culture you need to inspire your team to greatness.

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