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Accountability: The Leading indicator of Success

This game-changing training program will challenge your team’s perspective and approach to their responsibilities and create a more powerful perspective of accountability. Using a combination of baseline assessment, lecture, storytelling, knowledge sharing and hands-on activities, this course gains commitment by getting people to understand how improved accountability has a direct correlation to organizational and personal success.

Learning Objectives Include:

  • Understand how accountability is related to success.
  • Demonstrate how accountability is a leading indicator of success.
  • Define the trends that are affecting the value of an accountable culture
  • Define the guiding values of accountability
  • Identify tactics to remove barriers to a more accountable culture
  • Identify the organizational barriers to improved accountability
  • Identify the 7 C’s of Accountability
  • Assess your team’s current Accountability level
This module can be delivered as a FREE 20 minute overview, touching only on high level executive points or as a two-hour seminar that provides a basis for your teams to begin viewing their challenges through the lenses of the Mesh Accountability FrameworkTM