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Mesh Consulting Services

We help organizations succeed by getting more value from their human resources. Using our groundbreaking Mesh Accountability Framework®, we give organizations the skills and mindset they need to integrate systems, capture efficiencies, reduce errors and empower innovation.

Using a holistic approach, we build the structure and organizational capacity you will need to implement and sustain an accountable culture, developing new skills to drive lean methodologies, continuous improvement, operational excellence and success, regardless of how your organization defines success.

Accountability Assessments

For organizations who value assessment and the use of analytics, we offer three Accountability Assessments to identify organizational strengths and deficiencies and to measure the success of your initiatives in near real time.

7C’s Online Assessment

This simple survey asks respondents to rate your organizations strengths and weaknesses of the seven key enablers of accountability, giving you a better perspective on where organizational improvements are needed.

7C’s Detailed Assessment

Using an in-person, confidential interview process, this powerful methodology creates a foundation for organizations transformation and individual buy-in to change.

Accountability Assessment

By moving customer satisfaction down to the internal deliverable level, leaders can use analytics to identify challenges within the organization and apply the 7C’s framework to get to the root cause.

Accountability Agreements

People behave differently if they accept accountability for all eventualities within their area. They will be alert to possible surprises because they are accountable for outcomes, not just activities. The Accountability Agreements are detailed documents that focuses on 7 key areas;

  1. Business Focus
  2. Personal Accountabilities
  3. Required Supports
  4. Measures of Success
  5. Goals
  6. Consequences
  7. Sustainment

Accountability Coaching

The Accountability Coach works with your teams to support the application of accountability concepts, realigning when they start getting off track; challenging to ensure they are living up to their commitments; mentoring in the applications of accountability principles, and auditing commitment and success.

Team Building

Our ½ day Team Building workshop helps your people to be better teammates. Integrating experiential and educational components, the workshop helps people to understand what it means to be a high-performance team and creates the tools to enable it within your organization.