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Information Management

Did you know the average knowledge worker spends 1/3 of their time looking for information? Organizing information and making it readily available to those that need it is critical to improved accountability and success. But how should information be organized to make it easy ti find.

Information management helps learners understand the importance of making information accessible, while protecting it and the organization intellectual property that it contains and enables participants to create a unique organizational structure to aligns with business processes and individual responsibilities.

Learning objectives include;

  1. Define the relationshiop between access to information and productivity
  2. Calaculare teh ROI of improved information management systems
  3. Understand the basics of intellectual propery law and its application to your company’s information
  4. Identify strategies and tactics to protect information
  5. Identify strategies and tactics to improve access to information
  6. Understand and identify various taxonomies for organizing informtion
  7. Define a document management structure that aligns with your work breakdown structure
  8. Discuss the value and challenges of incorporating metadata.
  9. Use advanced document search options

Deliverables include:

A work breakdown structure algined with your organization’s document management needs


Information Management is a full-day workshop that can be run as a faciltated workshop or as a Train the Trainer opportuntiy where our Mesh consultants work with your team to build the internal capacity to organize, manage and control your organization’s information.