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Process Mapping

Many organizations don’t have clearly articulated road maps for their project and business processes. They are either complex multi-page text based documents that no one ever reads or are simply tribal knowledge loosely held in the team members head with no two people have the same understanding of what the process is or should be.

Defining your road maps and communicating them to your team is the first step in creating repeatable processes, driving team accountability and being compliant with ISO or other regulatory bodies. They are also tremendously valuable tools for helping newer, inexperienced team members understand the overall process and their role in it.

Process Mapping teaches participants the basics of creating holistic process maps that can be adaptive or prescriptive, depending on the needs of the organization.

Learning objectives include;

  1. Define inputs to a process
  2. Define the outputs (deliverables) from a process
  3. Identify sub-processes that support the process
  4. Identify the tasks that must be completed in the process
  5. Facilitate a process mapping workshop
  6. Document the process using process mapping software
  7. Get buy-in and commitment to the defined process
  8. Integrate processes with document management systems
  9. Tactics to roll out newly documented  processes

Process Mapping can be run as a faciltated workshop or as a Train the Trainer opportuntiy where our Mesh consultants work with your team to build the internal capacity to run your own Proces Mapping workshops. In order to eliminate constant herding of cats and miminizing time requriements on your staff, we recommend running the Porcess Mapping workshop in a Boot Camp format where all stakeholders attend a common workshop and do not leave until the process(es) have been perfected. inital process maps can take as litle as two hours or can be multi-day events depending on the complexity of the mapping excercise. Where possioble we try to break processes down to smaller sub-processes that can be defined in a few hours.

Pricing varies depending on the number of stakeholders involved. Call us for a free estimate today.