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Team Development

High performance teams don’t just happen regardless of how meticulous your recruiting process. The best individuals in the world will not make a great team without the leadership necessary to enable greatness. Team Development helps the practitioner be more intentional about taking down the barriers to high performance.

This facilitated workshop helps participants understand the the hub of high performance teams; the vision, values, context and focus that all other interdependent forces must align with.and flow through. Those forces then form a holistic and intentional approach to creating the tools, puprose and commimtent requried to enable high performance.



The 11 interdependent forces include;

  1. Recruiting: Hire for personal traits as well as skills and experience
  2. On-boarding; Set the bar high by by ensuring the on-boarding process is a well-oiled machine
  3. Orientation: Understanding the needs and expectations of the organization and how to meet them
  4. Welcoming; Ensuring newcomers feel like they are part of a community
  5. Kick Off: In the case of a project initiative, kick offs are critical for gaining clarity and alignment
  6. Team Building: Experiential and education team building is critical to overcome societal tendency towards competition
  7. Leadership: Ensuring decision making authority is aligned with task authority to allow people to “step up”
  8. Recognition & Reward: these powerful tools can motivate people to do more, or they can demotivate them to do less…beware
  9. Branding: helping people feel like they belong to an exclusive community can have significant impact on results
  10. Celebration: recharging your team’s batteries after achieving significant milestones
  11. Transition: setting up others for success when our work is done and handed off

Learning objectives include;

  • Understand the relationship between collaboration and productivity
  • Calcualte the ROI on a more collaborative workplace
  • List interview questions that explore a person’s personal traits
  • Create a detailed lists of items which must be part of an employees onboarding process
  • Identify tools that will support an employee’s orientation
  • Identify 5 things that can make a newcomer feel welcome
  • Demonstrate the 9 Traits that make us more collaborative
  • Identify an opportunity to “Step Up”
  • Create a recognition and reward plan
  • Identify branding opportunties within your budget
  • Schedulke your next team celebration
  • Identify transition stakeholders and their needsĀ 


Team Development can be run as a stand-alone facilitated workshop or as a Train the Trainer opportunity where our Mesh consultants work with your team to create their own Team Development plans and build the internal capacity to integrate team processes into your team meetings and communications.