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Every initiative has a timeline, whether you installing a new ERP system, building an industrial complex or creating an accountable culture, but often people struggle to understand the big picture and the relationship between teams as the project progresses. Gantt Charts create a detailed schedule based on duration and relationships of tasks but don’t provide the clarity a single page timeline can as well as the a better understanding of consequences if commitments are missed.

Learning objectives include;

  1. Define functional groups contributing tot he intiative
  2. Identify deliverables by fucntion group
  3. Define the outputs (deliverables) from the intiative
  4. Facilitate a timelining workshop
  5. Document the timeline using timelining software
  6. Get buy-in and commitment to the defined process
  7. Tactics to get more value from your timeline

Timelining can be run as a faciltated workshop or as a Train the Trainer opportuntiy where our Mesh consultants work with your team to build the internal capacity to create your own intiative timelines.

This module can be delivered standalone or as a extension of the Proces Mapping course.