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Training Services

“One of the best training sessions we all have ever attended…our instructor, Pete Myers, was more than another academic preceptor, he’s teaching with life experiences…a powerful retention tool.”

Steve Harnish, Schneider Electric

Training is more than running a bunch of classes and handing out certificates. Its building competence and confidence in the application of new skills and knowledge. Its creating safe places where learners can experiment and fail. Its providing the necessary supports until the the learning sticks and becomes a sustainable way of being.

At Mesh, we take a holistic approach to learning and we leverage the skill and knowledge that already resides within your organization. We build structures that support learning organizations and we create tools so that people don’t have to waste time learning, only to forget what they have learnt long before they need to apply it.

Using our groundbreaking Mesh Accountability Framework, we specialize in helping organizations learn key skills to drive higher levels of collaboration, innovation, productivity and success.


Mesh Organizational Services offers a range of in-house training and assessment services, including classroom based, online, or hybrid, facilitated or self-directed. Our in-house Instructional Designer are experienced in all delivery methods and all learning styles. We also customize our services to your organization’s specific areas of need.

We work with our client’s to ensure they identify all the applicable federal and state/provincial programs that support productivity, workplace harrassment and innovation training programs.

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