Your success is determined by your team’s ability to execute.

Are they ready?

The True Test of Leadership

These times are a strong reminder for all business leaders that the true test of your leadership is now, in times of stress and uncertainty. How well have you prepared and how effective are your people and processes when being pushed to the limit?

Strengthening Your Execution Networks

We help organizations build the strength, agility and resilience their execution networks need to take on any challenge. Using our groundbreaking Accountability FrameworkTM, we focus on improving the quality of interactions on your team, reducing errors at the source.

Capacity Building

We work with your teams to build the structure and organizational capacity you will need to implement and sustain an accountable culture, developing new skills to drive lean methodologies, continuous improvement, operational excellence and success.

Data Analytics

Then using our groundbreaking Accountability Index survey, we can baseline your team’s effectiveness and predict their probability of success. Digging deeper into the data, we can pinpoint specific issues that are causing organizational losses and target interventions to drive immediate results.

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Our Background

Mesh emerged from the intensity and agility of a life in project management. Leading teams of experts and craftsmen in the execution of highly complex projects in many industries. Building something then starting all over again.

The One Thing

Over the years and millions of manhours dedicated to forming teams, executing on our projects, then disbanding and starting over again and again, we have seen what works and what doesn’t work and have identified one simple principle, if improved, will drive significantly better results, and that principle is accountability.

Customer Service

By creating a culture of accountability your people look at each other as customers and stakeholders with needs and expectations that must be met. That builds trust and respect of authority in order to execute and leads to performance, innovation, customer satisfaction and results.

Our Approach

Our holistic approach focuses on taking down the barriers to high performance execution by enlisting your entire team to the task and using groundbreaking analytical tools to measure success and pinpoint problems.

Adapting to Today’s Realities

Increased complexity and the pace of change mean leaders have to enlist the help of the entire team to solve organizational challenges and to execute more efficiently. We believe every organization sits on a wealth of untapped resources and we can show you how to unleash them, while maintaining control of your bottom line.

Leading Indicator of Success

By applying an organizational framework based on customer service that’s backed by a data analytics system capable of tracking the quality of your team’s interactions and their likelihood of success, organizational leaders are able to improve results by focusing upstream, on the leading indicator of success…accountability.

Our Solutions

Our integrated solutions will give your team the tools they need to build more effective execution networks


The 7C’s Of AccountabilityTM is a simple lean framework that helps you to create more effective execution networks, that are agile, resilient and efficienct. Download the free pocket reference card or book a 7C’s workshop to better leverage the skills and experience of your workforce today.


Using our ground-breaking Accountability IndexTM, we are able to measure an organization’s execution efficiency and probability of success. The detailed 30-Day Improvement Plan will target specific issues and areas to have immediate impact on the bottom line.


The Race to the South Pole is an inspiring leadership seminar, based on the true story of two teams put to the test in the most extreme challenge ever. Book this engaging seminar for your next event.


Accountable: is a call to arms for all business leaders to shed their inefficiencies and better leverage the skill, knowledge and experience of their workforce. Contact us today if you’d like to share Accountable with your team.

Our Services

Our hands-on and applied workshops help your cross-functional and diverse teams get clarity, alignment and commitment to your purpose

Process Mapping

How the Work Will Get Done

Process mapping is a key control tool to ensures consistency and reliability of how the work will get done and produce repeatable results that meet the needs of all stakeholders. But it is also a key collaboration, competency, commitment communication tool that forms the basis for all high-performance teams.

Roles and Responsibilities

Who Does What?

Misalignment on who does what and makes which decisions is the primary source of organizational losses. This workshop will create clarity on responsibilities and commitment to taking ownership of them. The matrix also serves as a critical control point for task allocation and tracking.

Team Development

Doing Whatever It Takes

High performance teams don’t just happen regardless off how good your people are. Team Development helps the practitioner learn the process of creating high performance teams through proper planning, competency development and inspiration to be our best.