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An Inspirational Approach to Re-Engage Your People and Achieve Greater Success

By: Peter Myers

Feb 2020

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Peter Myers (Mr. Accountability) shows how any organization, regardless of size, structure, or industry can improve performance by embracing accountability and cutting loose from the bonds of bullies, micromanagers, and command and control management practices.

Whether you’re struggling with poor performance, safety issues, workplace diversity, employee disengagement, or sexual harassment, the problems and their answers lie in your organization’s accountability. Using the analytical approach of an engineer, Myers makes a case for why the time is right to move to a more inspired team leadership model and provides insights and hilarious examples of how things have gone wrong and how those failures have taught him to continuously apply the principles of accountability in his own work.


As a leading indicator of success, Myers posits that an increase in accountability will have a direct positive impact on your organization’s results, regardless of how you define them. And the best news is, it’s not hard to change. Most people want improved clarity on responsibilities; they want decision-making authority to meet the needs and expectations of their customers and stakeholders; and they want their teammates to be held accountable if they don’t. Accountable will help you to view your problems differently and solve them with sustaining results. You’re not fixing a problem, your changing a culture!

Customer Review

Tom R.

Senior Director, Category Management

Hits the Nail on the Head

“This book really hit the nail on the head. Our organization is sold on Mesh’s accountability approach and we have seen improvements in every aspect of our business since making Accountable mandatory reading for all of our employees.”