Are Canadians Ready for Emancipation?

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LesLyn Lewis describes her leadership style as a “Leader of Equals”, but is Canada and the Conservative party ready to be treated as equals?

A Leader of Equals is someone who comes into the room, not to give orders and run people down, but rather to assign responsibility, provide clarity of purpose and expectations, and inspire their team to exceed those expectations. Equally important is their commitment to use their skill, knowledge, experience and influence to take down barriers to the team’s success.

They are not worried about self interest or how their family can benefit from some initiative, rather they focus on getting absolute clarity on vision, purpose and individual responsibilities of their team. They then emanicpate their leaders from any controlling influence and allow them to “get it done” while being accountable to them and the people of Canada.

Our traditional Canadian leadership style is very heirarchical. We treat ourselves as subserviant to our elected officials and are amazingly respectful of that heirarchy. I was recently challenged on a social media post because I made reference to Canada’s Prime Minsiter as Justin Trudeau rather than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The offense taken by my contributor is rooted in a long standing tradition of British servitude, bureaucracy and resultant mediocrity and is reflective much of Canadian culture…respecting tradition, heirarchy and the order of things.

Personally, I am tired of that. When I was a kid, I was an altar boy in the Catholic church. I was never sexually assaulted but I bet that’s the first thought that popped into your head when you read that. The Catholic church, like every religion and governemnt is steeped in heirarchy where those above are not to be challenged and as result, a lack of accountability results in self-serving, immoral, unethical and often criminal behaviour.

Leaders of Eqauls don’t try to control and manipulate everything. And they expect to be treated as equals, not as a monarch on a throne. Are Canadians ready to break free from the monarchy and declare their emancipation?

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