Our Clients

Executive Leaders

In order to achieve your revenue objectives and stay ahead of the pack, your team needs to execute with efficiency and agility. How well have your people prepared and how effective will they be when pushed to the limit? Mesh’s field-developed and tested solutions empower your team to execute at a higher level, reducing waste, errors and decisions not aligned with your goals.

Key Notes

  • Our solutions are sustainable because we teach your team to use the 7 C’s of AccountabilityTM framework as a simple FREE tool that ensures your leaders are doing their best to set their people up for success.
  • Our Accountability IndexTM baselines your teams and allows you to measure progress as they improve the key enablers of organizational execution.
  • Our leadership seminar, “Race to the South Pole: A Tale of Two Leadership Styles” makes a clear case for a more empowered workforce providing practical examples of how to improve organizational accountability.
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Operational Managers

By getting your front-line workers to step up and take ownership of their responsibilities, you can improve quality and reduce waste, while freeing up your front-line leaders to focus on higher value activities. Mesh can support the transition to improved ownership and commitment through process mapping, job analysis and team development activities.

Key Notes

  • Our roles and responsibilities workshops get alignment and commitment to every task performed in your organization reducing errors, omissions and conflict between your team.
  • Our competency tracking system ensures that your people have the skills and knowledge needed to do their job safely and efficiently.
  • Our job aids ensure that your people make the right decisions, all the time.

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HR Managers

Whether you are improving your job applicant experience, driving a stronger organizational culture, or implementing a distributed team policy, Mesh’s Accountability Framework provides analytical tools to pinpoint organizational challenges and opportunities. and drive evidence-based decisions that support your goals.

Key Notes

  • Our team building workshops break down the barriers between roles and departments creating a cohesive team committed to each other and the objectives they have been given.
  • Our competency tracker tools backstop your succession planning by clearly identify the competencies required to move into any role in the organization and tracking who has already achieved them.
  • Our Accountability IndexTM can provide you with the analytics you need to identify and resolve challenges in the workplace.
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Project Managers

If there is one group who truly get the power of accountability, its project managers. You have one chance to do things right so your success is based on your ability to recruit your team, gain alignment and commitment to the work and schedules at hand, then get to work.

Key Notes

  • Mesh baselines your project team using the Accountability IndexTM, to predict their probability of success, and make recommendations for changes before problems start to hurt your performance.
  • We set the bar high by developing robust team development plans that communicates expectations from day 1.
  • We improve clarity and commitment by supporting the development and roll out of project plans and schedules.
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Change Managers

The ability of an organization to change and adapt is critical in today’s hyper-competitive, constantly changing world. Your team’s culture is critical to implementing change and at Mesh we focus on creating cultures built on collaboration, trust and the willingness commit to the vision of your leadership team.

Key Notes

  • Mesh preforms detailed process maps to ensure that systems are understood and can then be re-engineered or simply used as a learning tool for training
  • Our roles and responsibilities workshops get clarity on who is responsible for what and who their customers and stakeholders are.
  • Our instructional design services provide focused content to ensure people have the competency required to implement the change.

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Board of Directors

As an elected individual with fiduciary responsibility to represent shareholders, board members hold a critical role in ensuring the organization has the capacity to operate effectively to meet it’s economic, social and environmental objectives. By adopting a culture of accountability, board members can ensure that leadership has the clarity, commitment and support they need to be successful.

Key Notes

  • We get clarity and commitment to vision, values and purpose.
  • We ensure boards and executive leadership are aligned on responsibilities.
  • We audit plans to ensure they align with the vision, values, purpose and strategy

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Stakeholder Groups

Holding our governments, academic institutions and private corporations accountable is more important than ever. Mesh can provide your team, whether a registered not-for-profit or a group of concerned citizens, with the tools and resources to better hold organizations accountable to their stakeholders for the commitments they have made.

Key Notes

  • Our 7C’s of Accountability arm your team with language you need to get past evasive responses and drive higher levels of accountability.
  • Our Accountability IndexTM can provide critical analysis of the organization’s you are trying to keep accountable and holding them to the true purpose of their work.
  • Our leadership seminar, “Race to the South Pole: A Tale of Two Leadership Styles” will inspire your team to push for organizational changes that ensure the needs and expectations of all stakeholders are heard.
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Accountability is the glue that makes commitments stick and results happen!