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Why Are Some Teams So Much Better?

In 2015, we set out to find the answer to that question and what we came back with was a simple, yet elegant approach to improving your organizational effectiveness. We found that the quality of interactions was dependent on the willingness of the two participants to be accountable to each other. To be willing to meet or exceed each other’s needs and expectations.

Outstanding Characteristics

We then analyzed the hundreds of projects that we had been involved in and found that seven characteristics consistently appeared among the teams that performed well.
They included,

Groundbreaking Analytics

Based on that understanding, we developed our ground-breaking Mesh Accountability FrameworkTM, which gives organizations the structure, support and analytics today’s leaders need to truly move the needle on their organizations’ ability to execute. By focusing on improving accountability and the key enablers of it, organizational leaders are able to manage their leading indicators of success and fix the problems before they have a negative impact on results.

Discover The 7 C’s of AccountabilityTM

A simple lean framework that helps you to create more effective execution networks with the efficiency, agility and resilience you need.

Discover The 7 C’s Of Accountability

The 7 C’s of AccountabilityTM is a framework that we developed to help guide organizational leaders in the empowerment of high-performance teams creating truly sustainable solutions. Each key enabler is critical to improving interactions on your team and driving higher levels of success with fewer breakdowns and losses.
Culture: Empowered people being held accountable for the work that they do.
Clarity: Who, what, when, where, why and how the work will be done?
Competency: Having the skills, experience, resources and supports to do the work.
Commitment: Doing what it takes to satisfy your customers and stakeholders.
Communication: Open, transparent, documented and accessible.
Collaboration: Willingness to put the team’s needs before your own.
Controls: Robust, repeatable, measurable processes that people follow!

A Simple Lean Tool

By applying the 7 C’s of AccountabilityTM to everything you do, you will get better results with less drama and tragedy. It’s a simple lean framework that helps leaders identify the pillars required to strengthen their execution network.
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A Leading Indicator Of Success

Most business performance indicators are lagging…profits, customer satisfaction, market share, etc. Which is to say, considerable time must pass after execution before your can measure the impact of a change. Accountability and its 7 key enablers are leading indicators of success, which if improved, will drive immediate improvements in performance.

Get Better Results

One of the greatest things we like about the 7 C’s is that is applicable anywhere. Regardless of what you do, how you do it, or how big or small, for profit or not, government of academic institution, it doesn’t matter… the 7 C’s framework can help you get better results.

Download the 7 C’s of AccountabilityTM Reference Card today

The Accountability IndexTM

The Accountability Index doesn’t measure the quality of your product or service, it measures the quality of your team’s interactions and predicts the likelihood of their success.

The 7 C's of Accountability IndexTM

If the 7 C’s of AccountabilityTM are the leading indicators of organizational success then the Accountability IndexTM would be your crystal ball. This online survey, that takes only 15 minutes to complete, but will give you a much better picture of your current organizational capacity and the opportunities for its improvement.

How Effective Will Your Team Be?

Is your execution network a high-performance team ready to bring your products and services to market, or is it a dysfunctional patchwork of isolated individuals that will end up causing you delays and cost overruns? The Accountability Index can quickly provide a snapshot of your team’s effectiveness and their ability to meet the needs and expectations of its customers and stakeholders.

Seeing The Future

By applying an organizational framework based on customer service that’s backed by a data analytics system capable of tracking the quality of your team’s interactions and their likelihood of success, organizational leaders are able to improve results by focusing upstream, on the leading indicator of success…accountability.

Improve Your Odds

We help teams improve the key enablers of customer service, therefore improving your team’s efficiency and effectiveness by reducing missteps, errors, omissions and injuries. Who’s a six-point favorites now?

Pinpointing The Problem

Our extensive demographic capability allows us to slice and dice your organization so we can accurately identify strengths to be shared, and challenges to be addressed. No need to make company wide policy changes that can have a negative impact on high performance groups, if you only need a better collaboration in one department.

Get The Best Return On Your Investment

Organizational changes and investments will have little impact if your execution network can’t deliver. By improving the key enablers of accountability, not only will your change be more readily adopted, but you ‘ll get more value and a better return on your investment.
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30 Day Action Plan

From the survey data, we analyze the results and provide a comprehensive 30 Day Accountability improvement PlanTM which will include many low cost, low impact interventions that can have significant and immediate results That report will also highlight areas of strength within your organization, which can be leveraged to transfer best practices within the organization for a fraction of the cost of an external consultant.